Don't Spend Your Weekend Ripping Wallpaper

Take advantage of wallpaper removal services in Charlotte, NC and Simpsonville, SC

The thought of peeling old wallpaper is enough to make most people say, "Maybe that pattern isn't so bad after all." But, be honest. You hate it and you want it out of your house. Luckily, we offer professional wallpaper removal services. Get rid of that horrible wallpaper without losing any time or damaging your walls.

Make this one DIY project you skip. Call Stellar Painting Solutions, LLC in Charlotte, NC and Simpsonville, SC to schedule wallpaper removal services today.

Popcorn ceilings? More like tapioca dust traps.

Popcorn ceilings? More like tapioca dust traps.

Were popcorn ceilings ever truly popular? If your home was built after the 1950s, chances are it has popcorn ceilings. This dated ceiling cover is virtually impossible to clean, thanks to the brittle popcorn 'kernels.'

Popcorn ceiling removal takes:

  • Time. Lots and lots of time. Be prepared to spend days scraping the kernels off of the ceiling, refinishing and cleaning up.
  • Equipment. Unless you plan to break your back standing on a ladder with a scraper and picking stray kernels from your carpet, you need professional equipment.
  • Carpentry skill: Most popcorn ceilings hide shoddy drywall work that you'll need to refinish or replace.

Or... you could just call in the professionals.

Stellar Painting Solutions, LLC offers popcorn ceiling removal services in Charlotte, North Carolina, Simpsonville, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas. You have better things to do with your time. Say goodbye to ugly popcorn ceilings by calling 704-270-2490 now.