Get a More Durable Garage Floor

Invest in an epoxy floor installation in Charlotte, NC and Simpsonville, SC

Tired of replacing your garage floor? Or are you just tired of looking at that constellation of oil drip stains? It's time you upgraded to an epoxy floor installation from Stellar Painting Solutions, LLC.

Epoxy flooring resists stains from spills, chemicals and oil leaks. It stays strong against damage and everyday wear and tear. Call to learn more about epoxy floor installation services available in Charlotte, NC, Simpsonville, SC and the surrounding area.

3 reasons to get an epoxy floor installation

3 reasons to get an epoxy floor installation

Are you still wondering if an epoxy floor is right for your workspace? Epoxy flooring is:

  1. Durable: Damage-resistant epoxy flooring stands up to spills, heavy objects and more.
  2. Long-lasting: Your epoxy floor will last for years with minimal maintenance.
  3. Attractive: The sleek appearance of epoxy flooring makes it a popular choice for showrooms.

We'll install your epoxy floor as an overlay, meaning there's no concrete removal involved.

Call 704-270-2490 to set up an epoxy floor installation in the Charlotte, North Carolina and Simpsonville, South Carolina area today.